The Challenges

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) presents several challenges in today’s digital landscape. Firstly, the ever-evolving algorithms of search engines demand continuous adaptation. What worked yesterday might not be effective today. Secondly, intense competition among websites vying for top search rankings necessitates staying ahead with innovative strategies and quality content. Thirdly, ensuring a website is optimized for both desktop and mobile platforms adds complexity, given the shift towards mobile browsing. 

Additionally, maintaining a balance between user experience and search engine requirements is crucial; overly aggressive optimization can lead to penalties. Moreover, the dynamic nature of the online environment requires monitoring and adjusting strategies regularly. Lastly, understanding and integrating various SEO components such as on-page optimization, backlinking, and content marketing into a cohesive strategy requires expertise and ongoing refinement. Successfully navigating these challenges demands a holistic approach, combining technical proficiency, creativity, and adaptability.

The Solutions

Keyword research is vital for SEO. By targeting what people search for in search engines, content is generated and provided to the searcher. We identified a regional based keyword, “Digital marketing agency in New Delhi” and “Digital marketing services in New Delhi” as most appropriate to rank for. The initial website ranked extremely far behind and had very little room for growth, so we made some changes!

Content was reworked to match the new approach being integrated. Blogs that were timely and trending went on the page, we also made sure to use appropriate keywords wherever possible! Images, headings, meta descriptions were optimized. These minor adjustments, when viewed individually, didn’t seem like they could amount to much change in the ranking. Web page visitors began refining out to those that were interested in what we offered. They spent more time on the site, visiting subpages and browsing through. The bounce rate decreased, the pages loaded faster. Analytics like how long a visitor stays on a site or how many people leave your page quickly without browsing though matters when ranking on Google. Just making it on the first page wasn’t enough, we wanted more! We explored more intently other areas we could improve on;

• Link building through inclusion of websites we helped develop.
Web directory and online listing submissions.
• Blog submissions on various platforms
• Maintain a presence in community forums (Pinterest, Linkedin etc)

We weren’t acutely maintaining our presence on Google My Business, other than irregular posting. So we thought to improve on that by devising a more frequent posting strategy, which then led us to develop and create new content for the website. We also decided to rework the entire page.
While working on the website, the code was compressed to guarantee a fast loading web domain. A uniformity in the website design layout was introduced with better user accessibility. The new content was added and we took our website live in Jan, 2024.
In March, we ranked number 1!

The Result

Since, started the SEO for the website in February 2024, we have: Achieved an an overall 457.87% growth in the direct traffic to the website Grew the organic search traffic by 63.69% Overall social media traffic by 221.55% So here’s the deal, SEO works with seemingly insignificant tweaks made only by maintaining attention to miniscule shifts in the data, along with on-page optimization to enhance website ranking. Does your business or service need SEO? If you target any audience online, then most probably the answer is yes!